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How to solve Draft.js convertFromHTML converting image <img> tags into 'unstyled' contentBlock type instead of 'atomic' content block type?

I solved this by iterating through the contentBlocks generated by convertFromHTML and checking if it has an entity type of image then editing the cont ...

Asked on 7 February 2018

Truncate a string (Basic Algorithm Scripting)

Hi everyone, This is my solution for Truncate a string My solution works but I don't like my code(too many if else statement).Is there a better way t ...

Asked on 7 February 2018

How to import some css files as global in js while the rest are imported as local

I use webpack to handle my css files. I configured my css and sass loaders to import files as modules. But sometimes I want to import some files as gl ...

Asked on 7 February 2018

How to solve Draft.js convertFromHTML combining adjacent paragraphs <p> tags into one contentBlock

I solved this by adding a custom DraftBlockRenderMap element for paragraph <p> tags for convertFromHTML because the default one doesn't contain it. Ch ...

Asked on 7 February 2018

JavaScript variables in plain english

Asked on 7 February 2018

Mocking node environment fetch() function using Jest.

I am developing a node client which is a library consuming an API. The various functions return a Promise using the fetch() function. The npm package ...

Asked on 7 February 2018

Why is it that parseInt(8,3) == NaN and parseInt(16,3) == 1?

See for now

Asked on 7 February 2018

What IDE do you use for writing Javascript code?

Atom! I used Sublime before, but just moved to Atom and very happy with it!

Asked on 7 February 2018

Need help with my Wikipedia viewer

I am making the getJSON call and it never seems to get to the callback function - what am I doing wrong? I never see the text "json call was made" $( ...

Asked on 7 February 2018

How to split camel case and add hyphen in JavaScript

You can use the following regex. var myStr = 'thisIsAString'; myStr.replace(/([a-zA-Z])(?=[A-Z])/g, '$1-').toLowerCase(); // -> "this-is-a-string"

Asked on 7 February 2018

Profile Lookup

function lookUp(firstName, prop) { for (var i = 0; i < contacts.length; i++) { if (contacts[i].firstName === firstName && contacts[i][prop]) { ...

Asked on 7 February 2018

I don't know how to code "Counting Cards", can you give me some prompt?

See Here is a pseudo code I would give you as prompt: var count = 0; function cc(card) { // ...

Asked on 7 February 2018

Diff Two Arrays

Compare two arrays and return a new array with any items only found in one of the two given arrays, but not both. In other words, return the symmetric ...

Asked on 7 February 2018

Potential infinite loop while num > 700

potential infinite loop while num > 700. function sumPrimes(num) { var arr = []; var ifTrue = 1; ...

Asked on 7 February 2018


问题是:实现一个摧毁(destroyer)函数,第一个参数是待摧毁的数组,其余的参数是待摧毁的值。 一开始是这样的: function destroyer(arr) { for(var i=1;i<arguments.length;i++){ arr=arr.filter(funct ...

Asked on 7 February 2018

Help with Local Weather: Using JSON location data in weather API

I'm having problems making a request to the open weather api. Here is a link weather app. I can't get any kind of error or response from the open weat ...

Asked on 7 February 2018

SyntaxError: expected expression, got keyword 'else'

source: If (computerChoice <= 0.33) { computerChoice = "roc ...

Asked on 7 February 2018

How to build a Chrome extension?

Starting with

Asked on 7 February 2018

What's the difference between HTML 5 and HTML4

Please give the main difference concerning a front-end web developer. The official difference is documented on Chan ...

Asked on 7 February 2018

What's the difference between onMouseDown and onClick

I am starting to see people use onMouseDown instead of onClick. What's the difference between the two and why would I want to use onMouseDown instead. ...

Asked on 7 February 2018

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