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Full-stack Web Development with Data Science & Applied AI

Master software engineering, full-stack web development, python automation, data science, A.I. application, and computer science fundamentals.

fsdsai Cohort #92 begins on August 5th, 2024
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Full-stack Web Development with Data Science & Applied AI

Master software engineering, full-stack web development, python automation, data science, A.I. application, and computer science fundamentals.

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29 to 37 Weeks

Cohort #92 begins on August 5th, 2024


Master Software Engineering in 37 Weeks

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Empower your future
Master Software Engineering in 37 Weeks

Learn to build full-stack web applications, write Python workflow automations, data science, and AI application through a structured, self paced online program that is constantly improved by industry experts. We help you build a strong foundation so you can be ready for a new career.


37 to 49 Weeks


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5 – 20 hours / week

Application Programming Interface (API)

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You will go through a series of increasingly more challenging modules.

Learn fundamental concepts

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Become career ready

10 Course Concentrations

470 Assignments & Projects

38 Topics Covered

740 Hours of Material

Here is an overview of the topics covered in the 10 courses. You are required to demostrate a high level of understanding before moving forward.

1st course

HTML CSS Development

Responsive Websites with Bootstrap 4, 5, and Flexbox

Learn to build responsive websites that scales from mobile to desktop using Bootstrap 4 and 5's flex-box grid system and media queries.

Personal Portfolio and Cloning Exercise

Improve your HTML CSS knowledge by cloning existing websites. Finish the course by building your live personal portfolio.

HTML Elements, Layout and Structure

Find out how elements of a webpage is structured, understand the box model, and learn to layout your contents.

CSS Styling and Positioning

Use CSS to define typography, backgrounds, color schemes, custom styles, and positioning of your HTML contents.

2nd course

JavaScript Programming

Build Reusable Programs

Create reusable programs through fun scenarios to understand scope, parameters, and return values. Learn how information is stored and used in functions and write programs that will execute itself.

JavaScript Fundamental Operations

Learn the basics of JavaScript, covering topics such as Values, Operators, Variables, Objects, Arrays, Loops, Conditionals and Functions.

Game Projects and Algorithm Exercises

Complete over one hundred JavaScript scripting exercises and build two text-based game projects to finish the course.

Prototype-based Programming

Understand the prototypical structure of JavaScript and the relationships between its objects. Learn to build objects with Constructors and the "this" variable.

3rd course

Dynamic Website Development

Document Object Model

Understand the relationship between JavaScript and the browser and how to add JavaScript to a website.

APIs, Ajax, and Web Apps

Learn to dynamically retrieve data from external APIs using Ajax. Build interactive web apps with persistent data stored on server.

DOM Manipulation and Events

Use JavaScript to add, remove and edit HTML elements and its CSS styles. Capture DOM events to build interactive pages.

jQuery and Libraries

Discover the usefulness of libraries through jQuery's DOM methods and learn to abstract your code. Learn how to use the underscore.js library to reduce custom codes.

4th course

ReactJS Development

Node, NPM, and Create React App

Learn how to create a React single page app using Create React App. Learn to run a NodeJS server locally, install and use third party JavaScript NPM library in React projects. And deploy React projects live.

React fundamentals

Learn how to add React capability to existing projects. Learn to write React JSX. How to preprocess React JSX locally with NodeJS. Learn to compose React custom components and build reusable templates.

React Advanced Concepts

Dive deep into React development and learn about component life cycle, component states, event handling, list rendering, conditional rendering, and how to handle Ajax in React.

JavaScript ECMAScript 2015 (ES6)

Learn the crucial updates to JavaScript ES6. Const and let variables, arrow functions, rest and default parameter, spread operator, object enhancements, classes, fetch, promise, and more.

5th course

Ruby Programming

Native Methods and Reusable Programs

Learn to write reusable programs with native methods that come bundled with Ruby to write less code and achieve the same outcome.

Command Line Interface and Git

Learn to instruct your computer the programmer way with the Command Line Interface and execute programs in the terminal. Use version control systems such as Git to manage your projects.

Ruby Programming Fundamentals

Learn the basics of Ruby, covering topics such as Values, Operators, Variables, Data Objects, File Managing, Conditionals, and Loops.

Object Oriented Programming in Ruby

Understand Object Oriented Programming and learn to use Classes, Instances, inheritance and attributes to write advanced Ruby programs.

6th course

Ruby on Rails

Database, Migrations, and Model

Create new Models with migrations, add validations to Models, and interact with your database using Active Record.

Third Party Library Integration

Add more functionality to your application with third party libraries such as mailer and photo upload.

Automatic Testing

Write tests for your API that will run automatically when you deploy your application.

MVC Structure and API Routes

Learn the crucial Model View Controller (MVC) structure that is being used in most applications. Create a simple restful API with multiple routes.

7th course

Full-stack Deployment

Incorporate Front-end into Rails

Build a monolithic structured full-stack project using Ruby on Rails for both front-end user interface and back-end API.

Live Deployment and Monitoring

Go live with your application by deploying to a hosted server environment such as Heroku. Add custom domain; secure your application with HTTPs; and install add-ons for server monitoring.

8th course

Python and Automation

Data Structure

Learn and get comfortable with Lists, Dictionaries. Data nesting, comprehension, and manipulating.

Introduction to Python

Learn the basics of Python, covering topics such as Variables, Data Types, Operators, Control Structures, Functions, Lambda and OOP.

Python Automation

Learn to write basic workflow automations that involve APIs requests or web scraping.

9th course

Data Science

Pandas and Plotting

Use panda to clean and manipulate raw data. Learn to make line plots, histograms, box plots, scatterplots and more.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Learn to extract meaningful insights from datasets by using Python libraries for advanced data visualization techniques.

10th course

Applied AI

Large Language Models

Explore LLMs like OpenAi's GPT series and learn to access them via APIs.

Prompt Engineering

Learn to craft effective prompts to elicit the best responses from LLMs.

Incorporate LLM in Full-stack Apps

Combine your knowledge of LLMs and prompt engineering to enhance web applications.

Want more information?

Read the detailed syllabus containing chapter breakdown of each course.

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  • Assignments and Code Reviews by Mentors
  • 470 assignments and projects
  • 740 hours of learning
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We help you maximise your job search success by showing you how to research the job market, review and improve your resume, teach you how to leverage social media's network effect, and prepare you for technical interviews. See career guidance details.

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Student Stories

Read a story from one of our students on why they are learning programming.


This program requires no prerequisite courses. It‘s designed for beginners learning from scratch. Our goal is to help you go from 0 to 100 and learn enough to learn more.

Trusted by

Students and instructors from world-class organizations.

Imperial College London
Carnegie Mellon University
City University of Hong Kong
Hack Reactor
Cisco Meraki
University of Oxford
Boston College
Bombardier Aerospace
University of St. Andrews
New York University
Minerva Schools at KGI
Merrill Lynch
Riot Games
JP Morgan
Morgan Stanley
Advanced Placement®
The University of Hong Kong
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Common questions

We selected some of the common questions from our FAQs page. If you can't find the answer to your question, you can either message us through live chat or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Are there prerequisites?

No. There are no prerequisites for this course. All required knowledge will be covered in the curriculum.

Do you accept beginners?

Yes. The program is geared towards beginners and someone with no prior experience in software development. Most students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Do I need equipments?

Yes. You need your own computer. Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems are all supported by the curriculum. You also need to have high speed internet access.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes. We will provide you a Course Certificate on the condition that you complete and submit all projects and assignments by the end of the course. This certificate is not an academic credit and will not be recognized by other institutes.

Do you teach JavaScript frameworks such as React?

Yes! we teach both React.js and jQuery. We focus on teaching you how to build dynamic websites using pure JavaScript. Then we show you how JavaScript libraries can reduce your development time through the example of jQuery and React.js.

What is included in career guidance?

We will show you how to research your local job market for open positions and expected salary. We will help you update and improve your resume. You will learn to utilize linkedIn and other professional social media sites to increase chances of being recruited. We will help you prepare for interviews by training you on technical and behavioral questions and practice mock interviews.

Is there a job guarantee?

No, there is no job guarantee. Just like attending Harvard or Yale would not provide job guarantees.

We recommend you to do some research on your local job scene before committing.

What's the format of the curriculum?

The curriculum is mostly text and image based. Text based curriculum is more suitable for programming as it is much easier to code along. We do add videos for certain topics that is better explained with motion graphics, such as demoing a tool.

More importantly, most programming related documentation and resources are going to be text based in real working environments. If you can't learn from reading, you might find it difficult to continue learning in the future.

Learning online questions

Financing questions

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