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17 Essential Data Science Blogs for Aspiring Analysts

As an aspiring data science analyst, immersing yourself in the right resources can be as crucial as your formal education. While textbooks and online courses are valuable, blogs offer up-to-date insights, practical advice, and community support that can be instrumental in your learning journey. Below is a curated list of 17 essential data science blogs that every budding analyst should follow.

1. Towards Data Science

Towards Data Science is a Medium publication that offers a wide range of articles covering all aspects of data science, machine learning, and AI. It's a treasure trove for beginners who want to see applied examples and detailed walkthroughs of data science concepts.

Analogy: Think of it as your digital mentor, guiding you through the complexities of data science like a skilled craftsman showing an apprentice the ropes.

2. Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya functions both as a learning platform and a blog. It's perfect for beginners as it breaks down complex topics into digestible posts. They also offer a "learning path" for various data science roles.

Intuition: Imagine Analytics Vidhya as your GPS on the road to data science mastery, providing you with turn-by-turn directions.

3. Data Science Central

Data Science Central is a professional platform that includes webinars, forums, and a blog. It can be a bit advanced, but it's a good place to get a feel for the industry's pulse.

Analogy: It's like attending a global data science conference from the comfort of your home.

4. FlowingData

FlowingData, run by statistician Nathan Yau, focuses on data visualization and statistical graphics. It's great for learning how to tell stories with data.

Intuition: Imagine FlowingData as an art class for data, where you learn how to paint pictures with numbers.

5. Simply Statistics

Simply Statistics is a blog run by biostatistics professors. It's a great place to get a deeper understanding of the statistics underpinning data science.

Analogy: Think of Simply Statistics as your friendly statistics tutor who helps you make sense of the subject's intricacies.

6. What's The Big Data?

"What's The Big Data?" by Gil Press, covers big data trends and technologies. It's good for understanding the bigger picture and the business side of data science.

Intuition: Consider it as your business news digest but focused solely on the data science industry.

7. No Free Hunch

No Free Hunch is the official blog of Kaggle, a platform for data science competitions. It features tutorials, interviews, and competition insights.

Analogy: It's like the behind-the-scenes look at the data science Olympics, showing you how champions prepare and compete.

8. Dataconomy

Dataconomy is Europe's leading portal for news, content, and expert opinion from the world of data-driven technology. It bridges the gap between data science and business.

Intuition: Picture Dataconomy as a crossroads where the worlds of business and data science meet and exchange ideas.

9. The Data Incubator

The Data Incubator offers a blog that provides tips and insights for data science professionals, including interview preparation and industry trends.

Analogy: Think of it as a prep school for data scientists that also gives you a sneak peek into the field's demands and expectations.

10. Data Elixir

Data Elixir is a weekly newsletter that curates the best resources and articles in data science. Although not a traditional blog, it's a goldmine of information.

Intuition: Imagine a librarian who handpicks the best data science literature for you every week. That's Data Elixir.

11. R-bloggers

R-bloggers is a blog aggregator that brings together posts from over 750 R-focused blogs. It's an essential resource for those wanting to learn R, a popular programming language in data science.

Analogy: It's like a buffet for R enthusiasts, where you can sample a wide array of dishes (articles) prepared with R.

12. Machine Learning Mastery

Machine Learning Mastery by Jason Brownlee is a blog that simplifies complex machine learning concepts and makes them accessible to beginners.

Intuition: Think of it as a handbook that demystifies the 'magic' of machine learning, presented in a step-by-step format.

13. DataKind

DataKind's blog showcases how data science can be applied to solve social problems. It's inspirational for those who want to use their skills for social good.

Analogy: It's like a volunteer club where data scientists come together to make the world a better place through data.

14. Data Science 101

Data Science 101 is a blog that offers a wide variety of educational content for those new to the field, including career advice.

Intuition: Consider it your introductory textbook to the world of data science, written in a blog format.

15. FastML

FastML focuses on machine learning and related subjects, with a knack for addressing the practical aspects of implementing algorithms and models.

Analogy: It's like a workshop where you get to tinker with machine learning tools and see how they work in practice.

16. Becoming a Data Scientist

Becoming a Data Scientist documents the learning path of the author, Renee Teate, as she navigates the data science landscape. It's relatable for beginners charting their own course.

Intuition: Imagine having a companion on your journey who shares their map and travel notes with you.

17. Distill

Distill is a unique blog that publishes clear, interactive articles about machine learning and research. It's for those who appreciate a blend of visual learning and in-depth analysis.

Analogy: Think of Distill as a modern, digital museum where machine learning concepts are exhibits you can interact with.

In conclusion, these 17 blogs are not just sources of information; they are your companions, mentors, and tools as you embark on the challenging yet rewarding journey of becoming a data scientist. By following these resources, you'll gain a diverse perspective on the field, engage with a community of like-minded learners, and keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends and technologies. Always remember, data science is as much about continuous learning as it is about technical know-how, and these blogs will ensure that your learning never stops. With each article, tutorial, and visualization you explore, you are one step closer to not only understanding the world of data but also shaping it. So dive in, get curious, and let the collective wisdom of these blogs guide you through the fascinating world of data science.