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4 ways coding benefits you, even if you don't go full-time

4 ways coding benefits you, even if you don't go full-time
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Over the past few years, the need for coding has seen exponential growth. Whether it’s companies looking for help on the side or full-time positions, coding has become one of the best fields to go into. It’s relatively easy to get into since there are no formal education requirements, just coding knowledge needed, and lots of great resources out there like Altcademy that help you learn coding on your own time.

But really, one of the best things about coding is that it’s a field where you can scale work as needed. You have more control over your time, and how you spend it when you get into coding versus other professions. You don’t need to become a full-time programmer to reap the full benefits of knowing how to code. Here’s are just a few of the bonuses of learning how to code:

1. Can take on small projects and freelance on the side

The first and foremost reason why you should learn how to code? It pays off, literally. Once you acquire the knowledge needed, you can start to take on small projects, freelance on the side, and decide how much (and when) you want to work. It’s a great way to make some extra money and put a new skill to use without having to take a full-time programming position.

2. Value-add for your resume

Even if you’re looking to take on extra work right this minute, learning to code still makes you immensely competitive in the job market. It’s an added skillset for your resume and another way to sell yourself. You can even use it in your current position as a way to move forward in your professional development. It demonstrates that you’re ready and willing to learn new things and stay committed to your plans, and these are essential qualities to highlight with any employer.

3. Challenge yourself

At the end of the day, coding is a new challenge, which is always a good thing. Learning to code can give you something to focus on, and it helps you across other areas in life. It’s a new form of problem-solving that can help you in your personal growth. Plus, there is that added satisfaction that you’ll get from each accomplishment in coding and deciphering new solutions to challenges.

4. The pie is growing bigger, and you get a piece of the action.

Ultimately, the need for coders is growing long-term as the world increasingly becomes more tech-focused. You’ll find that the demand for coders far outweighs the supply, making it an investment in your future if you decide to learn. You can get into the action at any point in time, even if you choose not to go full-time, and it serves as a backup plan no matter what path your career takes.

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