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How to center text in ReactJS

Getting Started

ReactJS, a popular JavaScript library, is known for its ability to create interactive user interfaces. Among the many features it offers, one that often poses a challenge for beginners is centering text. In this blog post, we will dive deep into how to center text in ReactJS.

The Basics of CSS in ReactJS

Before we get into the specifics of centering text, it's important to understand how ReactJS handles CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is what we use to style our web pages - it's like the paint and wallpaper of a house.

In traditional HTML and CSS, we might create a separate CSS file and link it in the HTML file. ReactJS, however, allows us to write CSS directly in our JavaScript files. This is known as inline CSS and it's like applying paint directly to a wall without having to mix it in a separate bucket first.

Here's a very basic example:

<div style=>This is some text!</div>

In this example, we're styling a div to have red text. The style attribute takes in an object, where the key is the camelCased version of the CSS property you're trying to change, and the value is what you want to change that property to.

Centering Text Horizontally

Now, let's get down to business - centering text. First, we'll tackle horizontal centering, or centering text along the x-axis. This is like having a teeter-totter perfectly balanced on a fulcrum.

To center text horizontally, we use the textAlign property and set its value to "center".

<div style=>This is some centered text!</div>

This will center the text within the div along the x-axis, no matter how wide the div is.

Centering Text Vertically

Vertical centering, or centering along the y-axis, is a bit trickier. This is like trying to balance a tall object on a small base - it requires a bit more effort.

One common way to center text vertically is to use display: "flex" and alignItems: "center".

<div style=>
  This is some vertically centered text!

In this example, we're telling the div to display its contents using flexbox, which is a CSS layout module that makes it easier to design a flexible responsive layout structure. The alignItems: "center" tells the flexbox to align the items along the y-axis in the center. The height: "200px" is necessary to give the div some height, or else there wouldn't be any room to center the text vertically.

Centering Text Both Horizontally and Vertically

But what if you want to center the text both horizontally and vertically? Then you can simply combine the two methods above:

<div style=>
  This is some text centered both horizontally and vertically!

The justifyContent: "center" works like alignItems, but along the x-axis. So with both alignItems: "center" and justifyContent: "center", our text is now centered both vertically and horizontally within the div.


Centering text in ReactJS, while initially daunting, can be achieved with a solid understanding of inline CSS and the flexbox model. Remember, it's all about balance, much like a tightrope walker. By adjusting the textAlign, alignItems, and justifyContent properties, you hold the balancing pole that keeps your text centered on the wire. With practice and patience, you'll soon be able to balance text in any situation, making your ReactJS journey a lot more enjoyable and your user interfaces a lot more appealing. So keep coding, keep exploring, and most importantly, keep balancing!