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Want To Learn To Code In Phoenix? Here's The Coding Boot Camp For You

Want To Learn To Code In Phoenix? Here's The Coding Boot Camp For You
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Phoenix has recently emerged as one of America's fastest-growing tech hubs, with reporting that Phoenix had 69% more tech job postings during the first half of 2022 than in the first half of 2021.

If you’re looking to join the tech industry in Phoenix, there’s no better place to start than a coding boot camp.

In this article, we’ll cover what a coding boot camp entails and help you decide whether an online or in-person coding boot camp in Phoenix is the best fit for you.

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What Is a Coding Boot Camp?

A coding boot camp is an intensive, highly focused course designed to teach students the coding skills they need to work as web developers or software engineers.

Coding boot camps are usually much shorter and more affordable than traditional computer science programs, making them a great option if you want to gain practical programming skills quickly.

Although you won't receive any college credits, a coding boot camp certificate will still look great on your resume. Many employers value the kind of skills that coding boot camps sharpen, so you'll be a perfect candidate for jobs in software development and engineering, web development, and data science.

In-Person vs. Online Coding Boot Camps

Coding boot camps in Phoenix and elsewhere are either run in person, or online, or as a combination of these two formats.

  • In-person coding boot camps: Appeal to people who like the atmosphere and structure of a traditional classroom. They have fixed scheduling and require you to be physically present. This can be challenging if you have other commitments, such as work or family responsibilities.
  • Online boot camps: Are much more flexible and work with your schedule. Your virtual classroom includes tools like video conferencing, chat, and forums. This means that you can engage with the course content at any time, from anywhere. Online coding boot camps are also self-paced, allowing you to fast-track your learning or slow down as needed.

Generally, online boot camps are more affordable than in-person boot camps. Plus, you won’t need to fork out any extra cash for transport, housing, or meals, and you can enroll from anywhere in the world! Explore Altcademy’s full-stack web development course

What Skills Will I Learn at a Coding Boot Camp?

There is a range of coding boot camps that you can attend. A full-stack developer course is the most comprehensive because it teaches you about back-end and front-end development. After the course, you’ll have everything you need to get a job as a developer.

A good full-stack developer course will cover:

Programming languages

You will learn how to write code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other stack development tools, thereby acquiring the skills used by front-end and back-end web developers.

Web development courses

Many coding boot camps focus on building dynamic and responsive websites and web applications.

Software engineering

Coding boot camps often cover the basics of software engineering, including object-oriented programming, statistical modeling, data structures, data analytics, and database architecture.

Computer science basics

You will get familiar with how the underlying technology works. This includes how computer systems, networks, security, and databases work.

Career planning

You will have the opportunity to create a professional portfolio and prepare for job interviews.

How Long Does a Coding Boot Camp Take to Complete?

Coding boot camps in Phoenix and elsewhere can take three to six months to complete, depending on whether you're a full-time or part-time student.
Altcademy offers self-paced online programs, which means that you set your own timeline. For example, you can learn full-stack web development in 25 or 50 weeks, depending on whether you spend 5 or 10 hours per week on learning.

Four Benefits of Learning Coding with Altcademy

Altcademy is an affordable, 100% online coding boot camp. The courses prepare students for technology jobs by providing the practical knowledge a software developer needs. Altcademy programs are designed for beginners learning from scratch and include front-end web development, back-end web development, and full-stack web development.

Altcademy also provides career advice to help students build a portfolio and prepare them for a tech career. The Altcademy curriculum ensures you graduate with the skills you need to pursue career opportunities in the tech industry. More than 85% of Altcademy alumni are hired within 6 months after graduation.

Learning coding with Altcademy allows you to:

  • Save time: Altcademy offers flexible schedules and self-paced programs. Learn from your home, at the pace that suits you.
  • Save money: Altcademy is more affordable than comparable coding boot camps.
  • Learn from anywhere: As long as you have your laptop and a stable Internet connection, you can complete the online classes wherever you are.
  • Get constant feedback from mentors and engage with classmates: Altcademy offers private one-on-one chats during office hours and fast response rates to any questions.
  • Enjoy lifetime access: Access our entire curriculum whenever you want, for as long as you want—at no extra cost. Pay once, and learn for life.
  • Build a great portfolio: Your mentor will ensure your portfolio conveys your knowledge and capabilities to potential employers.

Designed by industry experts, Altcademy’s programs are recognized as one of the top boot camps in the industry. The curriculum is regularly updated to keep up with the latest technology trends.

Here are just some of our accolades:

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Coding Job Opportunities in Phoenix

The Phoenix area is exploding with tech companies looking to hire coding boot camp graduates for various positions, from web development to web design and computer programming. You can choose from a wide variety of roles at tech companies such as GoDaddy, LifeLock, BillingTree, Opendoor, Intel, BeyondTrust, Cigna, and many more that are headquartered or that have offices in the Phoenix area.

Let’s look at a couple of the openings available in the city.

General Dynamics

Defense contractor General Dynamics is recruiting for an entry-level software engineer. They want applicants that can show coursework or knowledge in this area—but you don’t need working experience.


Handwrytten is an AI greetings card writer. This is a great opportunity to work for an AI tech company.

With your Altcademy graduate certificate, you’ll be perfectly positioned to land a tech job in Phoenix or anywhere else in the U.S.

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Coding Boot Camp FAQs

  • Is a coding boot camp worth it?
    Coding boot camps offer career-focused programs tailor-made for the tech industry. They can be your gateway to a new career, whether you are new to the job market or a professional looking for a change. At the best coding boot camps, you will learn in-demand skills and get practical experience.
  • What does a coding boot camp cost?
    The prices of coding boot camps vary greatly. Some coding schools cost over $20,000, while others offer courses below $3,000. In this respect, Altcademy compares favorably with other coding boot camps, too. Check out the Altcademy coding boot camp fees for more information on our pricing structure.
  • Can you get a job with just a coding boot camp?
    Coding professionals are in high demand, and completing a boot camp is an excellent way to quickly join the workforce as a web developer, software developer, or software engineer. Among Altcademy’s alumni is a QA analyst at Knak, an associate software developer consultant at Thrivent, an API product manager at MyCase, an innovation engineer at Elastic, and a front-end developer at Influx Marketing, to mention just a few.
  • How much money will I make after completing a coding boot camp?
    Coding boot camp graduates often get relatively high-paying tech jobs. The exact amount depends on the courses you’ve completed, your experience, and the company you work for. Boot camp graduates without a college degree can expect to earn an annual starting salary between $52,000 and about $72,000.