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Why learn coding with Altcademy?

Why learn coding with Altcademy?
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Tl;dr version in 7 points

  1. We are 100% online: You can learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace and at your own schedule.
  2. We are affordable: Typically bootcamps cost $15-20k USD; we are 10 times cheaper because we created an efficient online learning system for students and mentors.
  3. We are comprehensive: Our 16,000-word long syllabus covers the latest topics of full-stack web development:
  4. We are hands-on: You will be doing hundreds of exercises and dozens of projects. You will learn to build actual products.
  5. We are responsive: Each of your projects will be reviewed by mentors and provided with personalized feedback.
  6. We are highly ranked: We are ranked 3rd best online coding bootcamp by SwitchUp:
  7. We care about our students: You can read our students’ stories here: